Desmond Tutu’s Children’s Bible Focusing on Reconciliation

The stories in the Children of God Children’s Bible by Desmond Tutu were chosen to emphasise reconciliation and diversity

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Children’s Bible was launched on 30 July 2010 at the Cape Town Book Fair.

Desmond Tutu Children Bible Focusing on Reconciliation

Archbishop Desmond Tutu selected over fifty stories for his children’s bible that highlight God’s love for all people, and God’s desire that we live in harmony and peace with one another.

Writing a Children’s Bible

Compiling a Children’s Bible takes much thought. With limited space, and room needed for the illustrations, the selection of stories can take much time and planning.

The stories in the Children of God Children’s Bible by Desmond Tutu were carefully selected to emphasise reconciliation and forgiveness and to celebrate the diversity of God’s people. The Archbishop insisted on including stories which show women in a positive light and emphasise that God loves men and women equally.

Desmond Tutu: His Ministry

Peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation have been the four cornerstones of Archbishop Tutu’s ministry. He wanted the stories and illustrations to show that God loves all people equally, men and women, adults and children, all races, creeds and cultures. In particular he wanted to emphasise the place of women as equal to men in the eyes of God.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

South African Archbishop Tutu led the non violent protest against the apartheid regime that led to the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and the advent of a new democratic government in South Africa.

After democracy was adopted he chaired the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which gave South Africans a chance to tell their stories and to find healing and reconciliation between those who had previously been enemies.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his role in fighting against the apartheid system, which violated human rights and caused much suffering in his home country.

Bible Stories for Children

This book of Bible Stories for children focuses on the themes or peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation, so that children all over the world can learn that God wants his people to live in harmony with one another.

“The important thing that makes this unique is that for the first time ever this children’s Bible helps kids celebrate the global body of Christ,” says Stephan Spies, the Project Director of the Tutu Bible.

Illustrated Bible Stories

Producing a storybook Bible for children from all parts of the globe is difficult, as children in one continent do not necessarily relate to illustrations in the same way that those from another continent would.

To ensure that children all over the world, from every major culture would find the illustrations attractive and be able to relate to them, a team of twenty illustrators from around the world were chosen. They were asked to illustrate the stories in a style that captured their own cultures.

The result is a blend of artistic voices that celebrates the diversity of God’s people, and emphasises the unity of all people as members of God’s family.

The Children of God Storybook Bible ISBN 9780310719120 is published in English by Lux Verbi, Harper Collins UK, Zonderkidz, and also in a range of African and European languages. A variety of audio, digital and downloadable products complement this beautiful edition to every child’s bookshelf.